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  • October 31, 2018
    Celebrate World Vegan Day and beyond!
    Celebrate World Vegan Day and beyond!

    We’re proud to be leading the way, breaking down the barriers of lifestyle choices and dietary requirements and paving the way for the Vegan movement to grow and flourish! We are dedicated to growing an eating culture that's easy, hassle free and available.

    World Vegan Day is celebrated around the world on 1st November but the plant based party doesn't stop there! For the whole of November we’re proud to celebrate World Vegan Month by shining a light on our PETA Award Winning Wheatmeal Vegetable Pasty - our chosen Pasty of the Month! 

    Proud Purveyors of Plant Based Pasties!

    MORE GREAT NEWS! Not one, but TWO of our vegan pasties are PETA AWARD WINNERS! Making it easy for us to encourage the vegan-curious to give one of these delicious superstars a try! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

    A Little Love for PETA

    The demand for vegan food has never been greater as more and more people turn to plant-based diets for their health, the environment and animals. From high-end to the high street, varied and exciting vegan options are popping up everywhere.

    Major supermarkets, food companies, and restaurants have begun to embrace plant-based eating with new vegan products, menu items, and even whole ranges free of animal-based ingredients. A survey this year reported that there are over half a million vegans in the UK so it’s not surprising that savvy businesses are stepping up to meet the ever-growing demand.

    Now in its Sixth year, PETA’s Vegan Food Awards highlight some of the most exciting new vegan offerings. We’re so proud that both of our Vegan Pasties are PETA award winners!

    Pasties for everyday Vegan life

    We're committed to bringing authentic flavours of Cornwall to EveryBody! Both our Vegan Pasties are packed to the rafters with flavour, encased in a perfectly perfect hand crimped crust. Freshly baked and served just how you like it! But that’s not all… We have a growing selection of vegan snacks and hot drinks on the menu - including vegan friendly coffee - served just how you like it!

    Our November ‘Pasty of The Month’ is the Wheatmeal Vegetable Pasty

    A wholesome mix of comforting root veg with a little parsley and basil in wholemeal pastry casing. It’s a delicious hug of a pasty, no surprise it’s still a bestseller in-store.

    Thai Green Vegetable Pasty

    A special treat for vegetarians and vegans, our Thai Green Vegetable Pasty is a feast of green beans, green and red peppers, potato, sweet potato and onions with tasty Thai favourites - coconut, chilli, ginger, lime and lemongrass.

    Vegan Friendly Coffee

    Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White… Whatever you fancy, we have all your favourites but with SOYA MILK! Just ask in store for our delicious Organic St Just Coffee, dairy-free!

    Plant based Snackettes

    We have a great range of sweet and savoury Vegan friendly snacks, but our favourite has to be the super tasty Golden Wedges! Just because you’re Vegan, doesn’t mean you have to miss out of the tastiest treats