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  • October 7, 2016
    Cornish & Proud!
    Cornish & Proud!

    We are Heads and Hearts, Cornish and Proud!

    We are Worldwide famous for our multi award winning Traditional Cornish pasty.

    It is our signature product, made daily in West Cornwall and hand crimped by hand. Our Traditional Cornish Pasty is the leader of the rest of our pasty pack and each and every one of our pasties are champions of Cornwall.

    We Love Cornwall!

    To go hand in hand with our true love of Cornwall, we are now stocking a striking range of some of the best Cornish products from outstanding Cornish producers and artisans.

    You'll find our handpicked selection in selected West Cornwall Food Co's on the high street but keep an eye out! We're intending to roll our brand new Cornish shopping experience out to all high street shops soon!

    Perfect to pick up for a gift or a delicious Cornish treat at home.

    Some of our favourites include Rosemary & Cornish Sea Salt by Simply Cornish Savoury Biscuits, Cornish Ale Chutney by Halzephron Herb Farm and Pork Rillette with Sloe Gin by Cornish Charcuterie topped with a sprinkle of Cornish Sea Salt of course! To finish our Cornish snack? A couple of Simply Cornish's Strawberries & Clotted Cream Shortbread with a cup of our St Just Organic Coffee!

    Here's our mini introduction to some of the producers and Cornish brands you can expect to see on our shelves.

    Cornish Charcuterie
    Artisan producers of award winning British Charcuterie crafted from British Lop pork from pigs born and reared at Norton Barton. Cornish Charcuterie is based at Norton Barton Farm located just outside Bude in North Cornwall.

    Halzephron Herb Farm
    The name 'Halzephron' is derived from the old Cornish language meaning 'Cliffs of Hell'.  Halzephron Herb Farm was founded in the kitchen of the farmhouse set above these cliffs at Gunwalloe, where in the late 15th, early 16th century the area was renowned for wreckers, hence the rather scary name! They have moved from Gunwalloe and are now based a few miles away at St Keverne, within the grounds of Roskillys organic farm.

    Simply Cornish
    Simply Cornish are deliciously tasty baked goods made by Warrens Bakery. Warrens is Cornwall’s oldest commercial bakery and the world’s oldest Cornish pasty producer. Established in St Just, West Cornwall (home of our St Just Organic Coffee!) in 1860, the bakery has operated as a family business for over 150 years and the Warrens family remain involved to this day.

    Cornish Sea Salt
    Cornish Sea Salt works with the ebb and flow of the tides and take great care of the sea creatures and coastal wildlife in protected waters.

    Taking fresh sea water from the ocean they carefully filter it using pioneering technology that removes all impurities, drawing out only pure salt with the minerals it contains as a saturated brine.

    They then blend this clever technology with traditional iron age methods by pouring the super salty brine into enormous vats, and gently heat them so that salt crystals gradually start to form on the surface. As the density of the crystals develops the salt sinks to the bottom of the brine. They then hand-harvest it at the perfect moment to get the crunchy texture and intense flavour of Cornish Sea Salt Original.