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  • February 15, 2018
    WCPCo Hits Mexico!
    WCPCo Hits Mexico!
    As ever we love seeing your PASTY FAME snaps and hearing about the story behind the photograph - safe to say this one has had quite the journey! 
    Huge thanks to Nat who is on her travels in Mexico when she came across some of our bags at the 'Paste Museum'.
    The Paste Museum in Real del Monte, Hidalgo, Mexico is the only museum in the world dedicated to pasties! 
    Nat says “As I've been in Mexico for four months I decided I had to go as I was missing pasties (of course.) In 1824 a British firm took over the old silver mines of Real del Monte, as some mining expertise were needed about 350 Cornish tin miners were brought over to help run the pits. 
    Although they were replaced in 1848, due to being taken over by a Spanish firm, many Cornish stayed in Hidalgo. They obviously brought Cornish Pasties with them, which is why Hidalgo still has lots of pasty shops, although the Cornish Pasty has had a Mexican twist (they add chilli), they are still pretty authentic. So, in the first room of the "Paste Museum", where it talks about the Cornish traditions of the area, they had some of your bags!”
    Thanks Nat! 
    Keep tagging us on your #PASTYFAME snaps and our favourites will appear here on The Bite!