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  • November 29, 2017
    Pasty Love for a Son of Cornwall
    Pasty Love for a Son of Cornwall

    We always love hearing your stories behind your pasty fame snaps and a particular one at the weekend caught our eye!

    Nothing less than a PASTY BIRTHDAY CAKE sent to us by Andrew Nicholl who describes it as a birthday cake perfect for a son of Cornwall, made for him with love and care by one of his co-workers as a surprise his 50th birthday.

    Andrew says - 

    "My parents are Cornish and Gran would make us a pasty each for our return from holiday every summer. They would sit between my sister and me in the back seat, wrapped in paper bags, tea towels and a biscuit tin, smelling fabulous. We would try to get to Andover before eating them. I was 50 last week and since WCPCo is closest I've found to what Gran made, I shared them with the team at work. 20 of the beauties.

    The Wimbledon station branch did us proud, and my loyalty card looks good now! To my surprise, Emily who works with me had a day off and missed the event so baked this fantastic cake which I was blown away by."


    As we head towards the end of the year we will be looking back at our BEST 2017 PASTY FAMES!

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