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  • February 26, 2018
    Discovering Our Gluten Free Pasty!
    Discovering Our Gluten Free Pasty!

    We always love hearing your feedback and thoughts on your experiences with us and we have picked out an extra special one to share with you during Cornish Pasty Week, celebrating our EVERYBODY eating culture thanks to Claire McNic from Bristol. 

    Claire describes herself as  a ‘totally foodie’ who has sadly has a number of food allergies - you can read all about her journey HERE 

    Claire's Story

    “I've been gluten free for 12 years and dairy free for 10. Living in the West Country always meant seeing everyone else eating pasties and me getting relegated to a packet of ready salted crisps or a soggy tasteless sandwich. On a recent trip to Bath I stumbled across the AMAZING Gluten & Dairy free pasty at West Cornwall Pasty Co. 

    To discover that I can now enjoy my own 'free from' pasty without fear of cross contamination was amazing and the best birthday treat for my first gluten free pasty since diagnosis... TEN YEARS AGO! The pastry was crisp and delicious which has always been a fail with gluten free baked goods. I now buy in twos - one for now and one for later. It's even better now West Cornwall Pasty Co do dairy free milk with their drinks. Looking forward to my next visit!”

    Discover our Everybody Pasty!