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  • June 16, 2016
    Official Pasty Partner!
    Official Pasty Partner!

    We are making and baking our award winning pasties in readiness to head over to Leeds next Friday for a really special event we are delighted to be involved in.

    We are the Official Pasty Partner for the Endless Turnaround Foundation European Championships which is a 5 a-side tournament made up of 8 teams.

    The teams are made up of mixture of local firms and organisations supporting the event.
    The event aims to support Endless' in-house charity, The Turnaround Foundation. after a really successful event for the World Cup in 2014, this year of course, it’s Euro 2016 themed!

    About The Foundation

    Endless set up the Turnaround Foundation six years ago to help disadvantaged individuals transform their lives. With the support of the Yorkshire business community they have raised tens-of-thousands of pounds from events such as the Abbey Dash, the St Nick Turnaround Awards, and the World Cup 2014 football tournament.

    In the last few years these funds have helped hundreds of children in deprived areas around Leeds.

    Teams are being sponsored by individual Endless portfolio companies and we'll be there as the Official Pasty Partner of the Turnaround Foundation European Championships.

    We're proud to be fuelling the teams pre and post match and of course cheering them on in fine voice!

    Read more about Endless HERE