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  • February 20, 2016
    Men's Fitness Magazine
    Men's Fitness Magazine

    We are delighted to feature in Men's Fitness Magazine -the go-to mag for all things good to keep tip top shape!

    We appear in a feature named 'The World's first Packed Lunch' - perfect really as we are the original food on the move.

    Here's what they say!
    'Packed lunches haven't always consisted of packets of crisps and cartons of Ribena.
    Before the industrial revolution and the advent of Tupperware if men wanted to eat during the day they had to get creative.'

    'Take the mighty Cornish pasty. This classic pastry parcel came to prominence as a lunchtime for tin miners during the 18th Century.
    It was ideal fuel for a gruelling day of manual labour, perfectly packaged in an edible outer.'

    West Cornwall Pasty Co
    'If you're trying to loose weight go for a West Cornwall Pasty Co wheatmeal vegetable pasty, a vegetarian friendly option which swaps blood sugar spiking white pastry for the wheatmeal variety to help limit fat storage and control hunger cravings.'

    Have a look at our pasty menu HERE

    Look out for the April issue of Men's Fitness to read more!