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  • February 21, 2017
    Everybody Pasty Mania hits the UK!
    Everybody Pasty Mania hits the UK!

    We've had SO MANY of you get in touch saying how excited you are that we have launched the Everybody Pasty - but that you're sometimes disappointed when we've sold out at your local store.

    We've been astounded with the popularity of the 'Everybody' and we have the perfect and friendly solution to cope with the growing demand.

    Guarantee Your Gluten Free!

    Simply call your nearest store - and order your freshly baked Everybody Pasty! You'll need to leave 45 minutes from ordering to picking up your Pasty or Pasties and we'll have your order ready for you to swing by the shop and collect.
    If you're in a rush you can also pre-pay over the phone - so you can dash in, collect and dash out again...It's up to you!

    Of course - if you don't get chance to call and order we'll have daily freshly baked Everybody Pasties in the stores listed below...We just can't guarantee we'll have them for when you need them - as they are selling faster than fast!

    A Friendly Way to Call and Order

    Banbury: 01844205149
    Brighton Kiosk: 01273 774007
    Cambridge Station: 01223 354111
    Chichester: 01844205140
    Cirencester: 01844205151
    Guildford: 01844205139
    Hereford: 01844205153
    Marylebone Station: 01844205115
    Newbury: 01844205127
    Norwich: 01844205135
    Swindon: 01844 205119
    Waterloo Station: 01844205118
    Wells: 01844205154
    Windsor: 01844205123
    York Station: 01844205179

    Even More Gluten Free Great News!

    We have been inundated with requests for more of our shops to stock the Everybody Pasties - so we've extended our shops stocking our super popular Gluten Free and Dairy Free Pasties.

    Find out more about our Everybody Pasty HERE

    Don't Forget!

    You can even call into store and pick up Frozen Everybody Pasties! £10 for 3!