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  • October 19, 2015
    Cornish Legends
    Cornish Legends

    There's nothing like a good old Cornish tall tale to get us in the mood for Autumn!

    Ask for a Cornish Legends Stamp Card in store and collect all six Cornish Legends and receive a stamp for each!
    When your stamp card is full enjoy a Loyalty Card Points Boost of 500 points.*

    *To receive the Loyalty Card points boost - take a quick snap of your completed Cornish Legends stamp card and post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we'll either send you a Loyalty Card with your 500 points loaded or we'll add the points to your existing Loyalty Card!

    You have until the 16/11/2015 to complete the collection.

    Hungry? The legend of The Wrath of Portreath
    Perhaps the most wicked of the giants was The Wrath of Portreath. he lived in a huge cavern known to sailors as his cupboard. he would wade out to sea , grab whole ships and take them back to his cupboard tied to his belt. Once back there he would devour the sailors for his supper.

    We say a Steak & Cornish Tribute Ale Pasty would have saved 'The Wrath' a whole lot of trouble...Plus - finest Cornish steak is a vast improvement on sailors anyday...We have a feeling that he would have enjoyed the Cornish Tribute Ale as well!

    Watch out for the Piskies!
    The Piskies were all identical little people, no higher than an inch tall. The wore red caps, white waistcoats, green stockings, and brown coats and trousers. On their feet they wore brightly polished, buckled shoes. The Piskies were good people who helped the old, but they were mischievous and played pranks on people.

    There isn't anything more Cornish than a Piskie and there is nothing more flavoursome than a Cornish Cheese & Onion Pasty.

    Avoid Bad luck!
    Tin miners had their own superstitions. If they met a bullhorn or snail on the way to work, they avoided ill luck by giving it some of their dinner

    We say that a crumb our Cornish Hand Crimped Pies are the perfect mealtime snack to dodge any bad luck...Of course the probability of seeing a frog or a snail en route to work is slightly slim...You never know!

    Always save a bit...
    The Bucca is the Cornish equivalent of Irish leprechauns and English and Scottish brownies. About two feet tall and grizzled, but not misshapen, they live beneath the ground. Here they wear tiny versions of standard miner's garb and commit random mischief, such as stealing a miner's unattended tools and food - they were often cast a small offering of food - usually the crust of a pasty - to appease their mischief making.,

    Our Traditional Cornish Pasty, the diamond in our pasty estate crown, our multi award winning Cornish recipe is too good to to share...But in this case we feel it absolutely necessary!

    Legendary Giant Hunger
    One giant in particular named Cormoran. With a growling stomach he would wade ashore and feast on cows and sheep stolen from the villagers but he met his match in a local boy named Jack who dug a deep pit in which Cormoran fell to his death.

    We have a feeling that Cormoran should have just called in for a delicious 'Make a Meal of it' A plate packed full of pasty, wedges or mash, peas or beans.

    The Legend of The Lady of the Lake
    Dozmary Pool on Bodmin Moor was thought by local people to be bottomless. It is said to be the lake, in Arthurian legend, that the mortally wounded King Arthur threw Excalibur after the fateful battle of Camlann against the scheming Mordred. A lady's hand rose from beneath the waves to catch the magical sword, before returning to the depths.

    We hear that the Lady of the Lake has been known to raise her hand to the passing traveller in case a brew of Cornish St Just coffee is to hand...Far Fetched? Us? No...