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  • December 6, 2018

    We've seen some excellent Pasty Fame photos this year taken from city centres, on the move, with the family, on your travels and adventures, daily life and even from the countryside! Now's the time to add some festive sparkle to your Pasty Fame snaps! 

    We want to see YOU enjoying any Festive treat from The West Cornwall Pasty Co Christmas line-up - but here's the thing - to be in with a chance of winning be sure to include a sprinkle of festive fun in your photo!

    You might be standing next to a Christmas Tree - under some twinkly Christmas lights, you might even be wearing your favourite Christmas hat or jumper - however you do it we'll give you full creative freedom to impress!

    Get snap happy and post your snaps as usual on our Instagram channel @wcornwallpasty with the all important #pastyfame - for every photo we see we'll be entering it into the Christmas prize draw and will be awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize on Thursday 20th December for our favourite and most festive snap!

    So come on folks! Get involved, have some Christmas fun! 

    First Prize - £25

    Second Prize - £15

    Third Prize - £10


    Competition is open to all UK residents aged 18 years and over and runs from Thursday 6th December 2018 to Thursday 20th December 2018.

    The winner must enter via Instagram and be a follower of the WCPCo Instagram account.

    The prize is £25 for first prize, £15 for second prize or £10 for third prize and will be presented as a  West Cornwall Pasty Co Loyalty Card which the winner can spend on whatever they choose from our menu in stores. If the winner already has registered for a WCPCo Loyalty Card we will add the value of the prize to that card.