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  • March 1, 2017
    Choices For Everybody
    Choices For Everybody

    We are proud to be leading the way with our choices for EVERYBODY!

    Did you know? Our Everybody Pasty is one of the most viewed pasties on our website? We are proud of our commitment to making sure that everybody can enjoy our pasties - if you're looking for a veggie option, vegan or even dairy and gluten free we can help!

    Our Wheatmeal Vegetable Pasty has been approved by The Metro as one of the best vegan lunches to enjoy if you are in need of a speedy working lunch! It is a firm favourite and features amongst our all-star line up of best sellers.

    NEWS! We came THIRD in The World Pasty Championships 2017 in the “Company Open Savoury” category with our delicious, vegan friendly Thai Green Vegetable Curry Pasty. This was in competition with many meaty flavours so were delighted with this award and a great shout out on our quest to bring everyday eating to Everybody! The Thai Green Vegetable Curry Pasty will be back on the menu soon! We'll let you know when! 

    Our new 'guest pasty of the month' is the Spicy Squash, Spinach & Feta pasty, we have two guest pasties each month and one will always be a vegetarian option.

    Be sure to check out our other vegetarian best sellers including the mighty Cheese and Onion! Have a look HERE

    Leading the way, we are breaking down the barriers of lifestyle choices and dietary requirements and paving the way, through innovation to an Everybody eating culture that's easy, hassle free and available.

    We now have two pasties in our 'Everybody' range for you to enjoy.
    Our now famous 'Everybody' Cornish Pasty is inspired by our World-wide famous and multi-award winning Traditional Pasty.

    This Pasty for Everybody is both Gluten and Dairy Free, packed to the rafters with Traditional tastes of Cornwall, encased in a perfectly perfect hand crimped crust. Freshly baked and served just how you like it! Read more HERE

    Based on our best selling vegetarian Cheese & Onion pasty. This Pasty for Everybody ticks everyone’s boxes in terms of being both Gluten Free and tasty and satisfying. Hand crimped and freshly cooked to perfection.

    Let us know what you think of all our options over on Twitter and Facebook! #PASTYFAME