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  • June 2, 2015
    NEW! Pies on the menu!
    NEW! Pies on the menu!

    We have 2 very special guests who, for a short time only, will be nudging our guest pasties to one side!

    Say hello to our new pies – the delicious 'chicken, leek and bacon' and the super tasty 'chestnut, mushroom and asparagus'.

    These perfect 'fit in your hand' pies are made in Cornwall (where else?) packed full of flavour and encased in a short crust pasty, complete with a hand crimped edging.

    They are designed to be perfect to eat on the go, but we've also found it mighty agreeable to take a while to sit down and pair with our freshly cooked wedges for a well rounded meal!

    Enjoy the pies!