Gluten & Dairy free pasty range

A Pasty for EveryBody

Our new range of pasties are Gluten Free and Dairy Free so EveryBody will be jumping for joy! Pre-lunch, lunch, after lunch snack, tea, dinner, supper we'll be there for you. Our Everybody Pasty won GOLD at the 10th anniversary ‘Freefrom’ Food Awards 2017 in the ‘Best Food To Go’ category. The Everybody Pasty also was a runner up in the FAIR trophy for the Best FreeFrom Food competing against some of the most innovative names and brands in the UK.

By EveryBody we're talking about literally everyone! Anyone with a love of Pasties who wants to relish the freshly baked flavours of Cornwall. In our sweeping statement of Everyone we are of course including everyone that need to be extra careful around Gluten and Dairy.

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Innovators & Trailblazers

Leading the way, we are breaking down the barriers of lifestyle choices and dietary requirements and paving the way, through innovation to an EveryBody eating culture that's easy, hassle free and available.

A Pasty for EveryBody


Our famous Traditional Cornish Pasty. Inspired by our World-wide famous and multi-award winning Pasty.

This Pasty for EveryBody is both Gluten and Dairy Free, packed to the rafters with Traditional tastes of Cornwall, encased in a perfectly perfect hand crimped crust. Freshly baked and served just how you like it!

After a small hiatus we are delighted to say the CHEESE AND ONION GLUTEN FREE PASTY is back in store!

Our gluten-free vegetarian pasty, which is based on our best selling vegetarian Cheese & Onion pasty is hand crimped and freshly cooked to perfection!


Don’t forget you need to call ahead to GUARANTEE YOUR GLUTEN FREE!

Simply call your nearest store - and order your freshly baked Everybody Pasty! You'll need to leave 45 minutes from ordering to picking up your Pasty or Pasties and we'll have your order ready for you to swing by the shop and collect.

If you're in a rush you can also pre-pay over the phone - so you can dash in, collect and dash out again...It's up to you!

Smart Thinking! Be Rest Assured.

Our EveryBody pasty is beautifully made in a dedicated gluten free factory which has all checks and measures in place to avoid gluten ever entering the factory. Before our pasties leave, a final positive release policy is in place which means random samples are sent for laboratory testing.

Our pasties are only released when the lab results confirm less than 20ppm, which is the industry guidelines. Pasties are then placed in specially designed bag in the factory, transported, baked and served within the bag. This ensures our pasties stay free from cross contamination making them an ideal option for sufferers of Coeliac Disease and avoiders of Gluten and Dairy.

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